Who we are

The Domestic Violence Survivors Project was founded in 2020 by Amy Boatwright with the ultimate goal to make a real difference in the lives of those who are and who have experienced Domestic Violence.

As a Mother of 2 young children and having experienced Domestic Violence herself, Amy knows first hand how challenging this difficult journey is. Along her own journey, she found that although there are many services being provided to assist those in need, there is a lot more that can be done.

Amy takes a holistic approach to help, support, and empower survivors at whichever stage of their journey. She has identified four key areas of approach;

  1. Escaping Safely
  2. Staying Safe
  3. Healing
  4. New Beginnings
    and plans to implement numerous strategies and action under each.

Over the last two years via social media, Amy has personally reached hundreds of thousands of viewers, with thousands directly contacting her for help and advice.

I have responded to every message I have received and offered as much guidance as I can, but there is so much more to be done!

By connecting with so many victims, it became clear just how big the problem is, many cases going completely unreported.

We aim to implement relevant and meaningful strategies and conduct independent research into the real and unspoken statistics around Domestic Violence in Australia.

We also hope to include the community as a whole and move towards real change.