Tracking Device Assistance

Domestic Violence comes in many forms and often involves control tactics, stalking, and harassment. Unfortunately, there has been a rising number of cases of magnetic tracking devices being placed on the cars of victims by their abusers in order to track their locations. This dangerous and unwarranted behaviour can cause not only extreme distress for the victim, but real physical danger.

The Domestic Violence Survivors Project is calling on our Australian community and asking service providers who have the capability to check cars adequately for tracking devices to step forward and join us in helping those at risk. We are developing a database (searchable by postcode for DV victims) of service providers (mechanics, auto electricians, etc) who can offer this service for free.

This image was featured in an article written by Jo Abi, who reported on a mechanic who found this tracking device attached and hidden on a females car, allegedly placed there by her ex-partner in order to track her location.

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