Our Plans

In 2021, the Domestic Violence Survivors Project plans to deliver the following

Escaping Safely
  • A comprehensive yet simple and easy to navigate directory of existing services; searchable by postcode within Australia.
  • ​Comprehensive explanations about the different forms of Domestic Violence.​
  • Escaping Safely plans & tips
Staying Safe
  • Directory of existing services
  • Creating awareness of the safety concerns that may present after escaping an abusive relationship
  • Directory of Legal services to counter Legal & Financial abuse
  • Information & tips to develop safe drop off points for child exchange
  • Education on online & social media safety techniques
  • Education on mobile phone safety
  • Vehicle safety
    • including checking for tracking devices
  • Personal safety & awareness
  • Security camera
    • ​Options & discounts
  • Vouchers for food & necessities
  • Self Defence Training
  • Partner with psychologists to discuss and raise awareness of the importance of psychological healing and trauma recover​
  • Education & discussion videos about different kinds of healing (Spiritual Healing, Religion etc).
  • Affirmations & Empowerment
  • A community of Cycle Breakers – survivors supporting each other and sharing their stories (both of abuse and healing)
  • Family & Friend understanding program​
    • how they can really understand a survivors experience, fears & trauma​ and how they can help & support them
    • create community of family members/ friends of victims who can share insight & experiences to support each other and create further understanding
New Beginnings
  • Empowering Survivors to create the life they want, free of abuse and control.
  • Develop a Financial Independence program to be delivered free to DV survivors.
  • Action Plans / Implementation Strategies.
  • Budgeting tools.
  • Up-skilling
    • Providing information on possibilities and guidance.
  • Business Startup Mentoring / Tools.
  • Workplace entering/ reentering
    • Resumes
    • Interview skills
    • Workplace skills